Unknown Waters

IMGP9622wbA quiet evening at Kinvarra

Linkedin is a strange beast but occasionally the insipid grey fog of  articles such as ‘101 Things You Didn’t About Your Bosses Shoelaces’ or ‘Nothing  is so Gorgeous as Millennials’  (whatever they are) rolls back to reveal the occasional bright spot of conversation and knowledge. Recently  such a chat has been going on  amongst the members of a  bike group I’m signed up to. The original poster started by asking where people had been over the weekend on their bikes and as is the way of these things the thread soon took on a life of its own with much of the attention focused on riding in Ireland. There is much to recommend the country as a destination whether on two wheels or four so I thought for this blog I’d select half a dozen pictures taken over the years that feature coastal and lakeside scenes that are not so often visited yet remain distinctly beautiful and distinctly Irish with not a Guinness gate or Blarney stone amongst them!


Spiddal, Co Galway

IMG_3609Taken a few years ago this quiet harbour is the epitome of a delicious and totally relaxed idleness.


Marble Hall, Co Donegal.

DSC_1370wbGrowing up in the Britain of the Seventies Ireland was always portrayed as a dull place of violence and disturbance and the very word ‘Ulster ‘ was sure to drag a shadow of dread across the sunniest of outlooks. Yet this is Ulster today and probably as it always has been.

Lough Derg, Co Tipperary.


I have written before of the tranquility of the Irish lough and here we can see the untamed growth reaching down to man’s attempts to provide a shelter for his craft, yet they mean each other no harm.


Portmagee, Co Kerry

MMFC0011wbA trawler rests quietly at the quay as very little goes on around her, yet the scent of fish and fishing still lingers. Valencia Island provides the backdrop from where the first transatlantic cables were laid.

Lough Corrib, Co Galway

IMG_3546Somewhere on the western shore lies this wonderful spot, I had followed my nose in getting there, letting the bike take me to this place, but I couldn’t say exactly where it is, just south of Oughterard I think. Ireland is full of such quiet surprises.

 Killybegs, Co Donegal.

_IGP4486The small ports and harbours of Ireland are mainly quiet now, few boats go out to fish and the dark rumours of a rigged market abound. As a price of entry into the EU Ireland gave up its fishing rights  and while her trawlers now remain docked for many months of the year these Spanish line fishermen unload their catch at Killybegs, from where it is trucked directly to their home country.