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  Articles for magazines and other publications

For many years now I have been producing articles for a variety of publications on a range of subjects from event press releases to travel features. My main field of expertise and experience is in classic/vintage farm machinery and the modern day motorcycle scene, although I am happy to consider any commission within the bounds of my knowledge and experience.

Great pride and care is taken in researching all that I write and I aim to supply well composed, concise, fact filled and absorbing items that engage the readers attention and ensure that they consider their time and money well spent.

All items can be accompanied by professionally produced images taken with high quality cameras.

Please click on the links below for examples of previous articles and the page headers for the photography.
Title (click on title for pdf) Publication Notes Words  
Catching up with Triumph Nacelle Taking a look at the prospects for Triumph's 350cc machine 2,800
Porsche Tractors Farm and Plant A brief history of Porsche air cooled tractors 600  
Adare Machineryare Machinery Machinery Movers New Holland dealer profile. 1,500  
The Nimbus Irish Vintage Scene Reviewing a well restored 1937 Nimbus M/C. 2,000  
Wilkinson Motorcycle Bike Buyers Guide A brief history of the Wilkinson Motorcycle. 600  
A New Lady Nacelle A day trip to the Burren in Co Clare on a Sprint 955st. 3,000
The Early Days of Silage Farm and Plant A single chop harvester and the advent of silage production. 600
Chartres Cathedral The Trouble with Germany Encountering Chartres Cathedral, extract from book. 1,300  
Kilmaley Vintage Show Irish Vintage Scene A show report from the west coast of rural Ireland. 1,400  
Honda's Vision Online A brief account of Honda's early years. 1,700
The Land Rover Farm and Plant An item for the regular classic tractor page. 650  
The Joy of Biking The Trouble with Germany Why we bikers do it! 1,700